Monday, March 30, 2009

Actual Premise

Ok so here is the premise. I decided not to do one of my comic ideas (although those might come later) and I came up with a different idea from a doodle in a notebook of a really cute tiger. There is a Vegas-like strip of neon signs that all have different flashing logos and character on them. We start on a neon tiger dancing on the sign of a night club, named The Neon Tiger (which is also the character's name). He stops his continuous dance and looks up to see a pink cat on a sign further down the strip. It is the sign to Pretty Kitty Pedi nail salon. She looks up and noticed Neon Tiger who she smiles and winks at. Of course this gets Neon really excited and he's about to go rush off and meet her when the camera pulls back to reveal a daunting distance that Neon didn't notice. Blinded by love? So he makes his way across the strip falling through lights as they blink on and off, using the moving ones to further his progress, and so on. After a long perilous journey he reaches Pretty Kitty who then pulls him into a kiss. And as she kisses him he gets a surge of electricity which drains the rest of the lights on the strip. But that's ok because now Neon and Pretty have their privacy, no prying eyes from the other signs. Oh and the title is Night Lights. Let me know what you think!