Tuesday, March 31, 2009


These are the two bouncing ball aniamtions I did in Flash. My very first ones!

This one was done by changing the ease in/ ease out slider to get to desired timing and movement. I think it turned out pretty well. Also I had to add a keyframe before and after the squashed one otherwise the squash would carry through the entire animation. I had to put a keyframe at the top of the arc as well to get the ball back to it's round shape. So I ended up with a lot more keyframes than I thought I would have in the beginning.

This second bouncing ball was aniamted by using the custom ease in/ ease out window in Flash. It was a lot trickier to figure out since I couldn't see the results right away. I had to adjust the curve in the window and hit OK before I could see how it looked. And when it didn't work I had to open it back up and kind of guess at it until I got it right. So this one took a lot more time than the first one. The same method for the keyframes had to be used in this one as well, for the same reasons. I wanted the ball to keep the right shape throughout the whole animation so that meant a lot of keyframes. It turned out alright, not quite as good as the first one, but I'm not terribly disappointed with how it turned out.