Monday, March 23, 2009

Me, Myself, and I

Hi my name is Jenni Brown and I'm from Illinois, no not Chicago. I'm from Taylorville, a small town in central Illinois. Farming town where the hip and fun thing for young people to do is cruise our town square on a Friday and Saturday night. I actually live outside of town on 18 acres of timber which is great becuase of all the wildlife and the vast amount of stars that can be seen at night, it truly is gorgeous. I'm 21 and I transfered here last year from a community college in Springfield (which is the capitol of Illinois, not Chicago) with an associates in art. So I've got 2 years under my belt and I'm working on finishing the last 2 or 3.

As I said in class I'm an animation major with a minor in sequential art. I'm also kind of majoring in film, my fiance is a film major and I help him on all his projects. Over the Christmas break we were one of the two teams from SCAD to be chosen as finalists in the Coca-Cola Refreshing Filmmakers Award contest. But anyway, as you can tell I really like to draw, since I'm doing animation and sequential. Always have and I'm pretty sure I always will. Before I decided on animation I really considered going into zoology (the study of animals) because I love animals so much. In high school I focused more on science classes than art, actually I never took an art class in high school. But animation has always been a passion of mine. So most of my drawings and other art have something to do with animals and the outdoors. Also, an odd hobby I have is balloon animals. I love making them and my room is usually full of them. If you see a balloon sculpture in the Weston mail room it was made by me.

My favorite animator would have to be Don Bluth. His style and stories always fascinated me and I watched his films more than I watched Disney films as a kid. Rock-a-Doodle is my favorite film by him, followed closely by Secret of Nihm and All Dogs go the Heaven, and then Anastasia. Also I absolutely love the old Warner Bros. cartoons. My favorite episodes they every did were "What's Opera Doc" and "The RAbbit of Seville". Yes, I love musicals and am a rather musical person. I also am a huge fan of cartoon violence because to be honest it's just hilarious. Of course I do have my favorite Disney films as well. My all time favorite being Beauty and the Beast, and the The Lion King , and The Little Mermaid. Also The Great Mouse Detective, older and more obscure but Vincent Price does the voice for the villian, Rattigan, and I think his voice is fantastic. My favorite illustrator and comic artist is Ben Caldwell. He is an amazing artist and very close to what I think the link between comic and animation art. If you get teh chance google him and check out his site. His use of straight vs. curve on all his characters is so awesome. And his poses are so incredibly dynamic!! Seriously please go check him out.

Personally I love 2-D animation. Yeah 3-D is cool and the things they can do with it are nothing short of phenominal, but 2-D is my first love when it comes to animation. I'm just a fan of the aesthetic and the process. I love the painted background and the cells, it's just so cool and magical to me. Yeah sounds corny but it's true. So naturally I'm really excited about Disney's new 2-D film The Princess and the Frog. Plus there's going to be a soulful singing aligator, what more could anyone want out of life.

Well, that's me. If you want to know anything else just ask, I'm a pretty friendly person.